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State atheism - Why is it necessary?

State Atheism - Why Is It Necessary? 2019. By Jean-Philippe Cossette. (French only).


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L'athéisme d'État - Pourquoi est-il nécessaire?

2019. Par Jean-Philippe Cossette.


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The author of the book State Atheism - Why is it necessary? is a former Jehovah's Witness, now an atheist. Atheism was not a choice, but a conclusion to which his mind and heart had no choice but to arrive. It was a long journey. Atheism is not only the unbelief in God, it is also fighting against cultic deviances, radicalization and extremism. Every human being has the right to believe, but he also has the right not to believe. He has the right to criticize, to challenge, to question, to doubt, not to be controlled, to disobey, without being punished or disciplined by cults and religions. It seems, however, that they do not understand this. Some of them are real mental prisons or prisons without bars. They have too much power and we have to take it away. We must learn to say no to them, to refuse to obey them, and to rebel against them because they are wrong. Do not be fooled. There is nothing wrong with rebelling against abusers and tyrants. That's the real freedom. Freedom of religion is not absolute. This book is for believers as well as nonbelievers. Notice to those concerned: it is mainly a political action plan with the idea of founding a new political party specialized in the fight cultic deviances, radicalization and extremism, given the general disinterest of politicians on this subject. It includes ideas from left wing, center wing and right wing.

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State atheism

PEDOPHILIA: lawsuit against the Watchtower in Canada. Contacts :

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