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"The Truth"?

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The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society claims to be the only way in which God communicates his wishes and the truth.


Here is what says the Watchtower of March 15th, 2003 p.27 :


"Jehovah gives us sound counsel through his Word and through his organization, using the publications provided by “the faithful and discreet slave.” (Matthew 24:45; 2 Timothy 3:16) How foolish to reject good advice and insist on our own way! We “must be swift about hearing” when Jehovah, “the One teaching men knowledge,” counsels us through his channel of communication.—James 1:19; Psalm 94:10."


The Watchtower of August 1st, 2002 p.13, par. 17 :


"Who make up this royal priesthood today? The apostle Peter answers that question in his first inspired letter. To anointed members of the body of Christ, Peter wrote: “You are ‘a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for special possession, that you should declare abroad the excellencies’ of the one that called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” (1 Peter 2:9) From these words it is clear that, as a group, the anointed footstep followers of Jesus make up this “royal priesthood,” which Peter also called “a holy nation.” They constitute the channel that Jehovah uses to provide his people with instruction and spiritual direction.—Matthew 24:45-47."




For example here are a few of the changed doctrine over the last decades :


-Vaccines are banned from 1931-1952. Prohibited as being a "direct violation of the everlasting covenant." (The Golden Age, February 4th 1931, p. 293; permitted WT 12/15/52 p.764 and AWAKE! 8/22/65 p.20.)


-Organ transplants are banned since 1967 until 1980. "Cannibalism."(The Watchtower November 15th 1967,p.702; The Watchtower June 15th 1980, p.31)


-When it comes to blood transfusion, they have changed their minds several times as to what part of the blood their members may receive. The following links notes these changes :


-Higher education was almost banned until 1992. (Questions Young People Ask –Answers that Work (1989) chap. 18, p.141; The Watchtower of August 1st 1990 p.13 par 15; The Watchtower August 15th 1992 p.28.) However they allowed higher education in the issues of November 1st 1992 p.20 par. 17-19 and Awake of August 22nd 1994).


-They were not permitted to vote, even if it was against the law (Revelation: it’s Grand Climax at Hand (1988) chap. 28 p.197 par 36. Again they changed there minds in 1999: They can vote if the law obliges them to or if a female witness is forced to vote by her husband who is not a witness. (The Watchtower of November 1st 1999 p.28-p29). According to some sources this article appeared all over the world with the exception of France where it is well know that the Jehovah’s Witnesses have problems with the government.


-Forbidden to serve in the military or to do a civil service to replace it until 1996 (The Watchtower of July 1st 1978 p.7; United in Worship of the Only True God (1983) chap.21 p.166 par 12; The Watchtower of may 1st 1996 p.18-19)


-Numerous changes in the definition of the word ‘generation’ of Matthew 24:34 See:


-The signs in the sky (Luke 21) that Jesus mentioned were things such as planes, airships, rockets, voyages to the moon, satellites (The greatest Man Who Ever Lived (1991) chap. 111; Let your Kingdom Come (1981) chap.12 p.114, par.21). But, they changed their mind. These signs will be more important than this:


"Clearly, what Jesus said about ‘the sun being darkened, the moon not giving light, and the stars falling’ does not refer to things occurring over the many decades of the conclusion of the present system, such as space rocketry, moon landings, and the like. No, he pointed to things tied in with “the great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah,” the destruction yet to come." ( The Watchtower February 15th, 1994 p.19. par. 14).


-The Watchtower announced the end of the world in 1914,1918,1925,1975 and NOTHING HAPPENED!


-For many decades the Watchtower claimed that the 144 000 anointed where chosen from the Pentecost in the year 33 until 1935, the time that we understood there to be a second class called the “Great crowd” who will live in paradise on earth rather than in heaven in the sky. So only elderly witnesses could be among the 144 000 saints. :


"The general selection of the true Israel of God proceeded from the day of Pentecost 33 C.E. down to 1935 when, at a historic convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Washington, D.C., emphasis was shifted to the ingathering of a great crowd with earthly life prospects " - Revelation, its grand climax at hand! (1988) chap. 19 p. 117.


-A spectacular doctrinal change was released in 2007! The 1935 date was no longer valid, meaning a Jehovah’s Witness aged 10 years could be an anointed. This brings us to the next question. What is the criterion for someone to be an anointed if the period from the year 33 to 1935 is no longer valid?


"...Thus, it appears that we cannot set a specific date for when the calling of Christians to the heavenly hope ends." - The Watchtower May 1st, 2007 p.31


-In 2012 the "faithful and discreet slave" is not the annointed ones in general anymore, but the small group of anointed brothers during Christ presence at headquarters who make and dispence spirtual food(Governing body).èle_et_avisé


-At a convention on October 6, 2018, the Watchtower began to say that Russia is once again the "King of the North".


-2020 'Always Rejoice' convention video. Note the comment that Armageddon will not happen until all the 144,000 are in heaven. That is a major doctrinal shift and buys them many years in the future.


Other examples :



1893 - No organization today WT 1893 p.266

1894 - Not part of the Lord's plan. WT 12/1/1894 p. 384

1895 - Beware of organization WT 9-15-1895 p.216

1955 - Respect the organization Qualified to be Ministers, 1955, p.380

1957 - Obedience to organization. WT 5/1/57 p.274

1972 - Submit to headship (Governing Body) WT 12-15-72 p.755

1983 - Essential part of the Lord's plan WT 2/15/83 p.12



Prior to 1928 - "God's Stone Witness and Prophet" Used to predict dates Thy Kingdom Come, 1891, p.313, 16, 17, 342, 362

Since 1928 - Satan's Bible; not God's Stone Witness. WT 11/15/28 p.344

1928 - Satan's Bible WT 11-15-28 p.841

1930 - Just a pile of stones Light II, 1930, p.286



1886 - Earthly governments Divine Plan of the Ages, 1886, p.266

1889 - Earthly governments Time Is At Hand, 1889, p.81

1932-1963: God and Christ Vindication, Vol. 3, 1932, p.13 and The Truth Shall

Make You Free, 1943, p.312

1952 - God and Christ Let God Be True, 1952, p.248

1959 - God and Christ Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose, p.91

1963 - Earthly political governments WT 1/1/63 p.31

1975 - Earthly political governments 1975 Yearbook, p.238 1980 - Earthly political governments WT 5/15/80 p.4



Refers to Satan - The Finished Mystery, p.159

Refers to Jesus Christ - Then Is Finished the Mystery of God, p.232



Jesus Christ WT 9-15-83 p.19

Jehovah God WT 7-1-89 p.30



Refers to Jehovah God - AWAKE! 8/22/78 p.28

Refers to Jesus Christ - WT 10/1/78 p.15

( A major change in just 2 months!)



Not the Son of God - WT November, 1879, p.4

Jesus not an angel - WT March, 1883, p.456

The Pope of Rome - The Finished Mystery, 1926 Edition, p.188

Jesus Christ, the Son of God - Reasoning From the Scriptures, 1985, p.218



1970 NO WT 6/1/70 p.352

1972 NO Organization for Kingdom Preaching..., 1972, p.172

1974 YES WT 8/1/74 pp.464,465 1981 NO WT 9/15/81 p.25



1879 YES WT July, 1879 p.8

1952 NO WT 6/1/52 p.338

1965 YES WT 8/1/65 p.479

1988 NO WT 8/1/88 p.31

1988 YES "You Can Live Forever..." p.179 (Old Edition)

1988 NO "You Can Live Forever..." p.179 (New Edition)

1988 YES Insight On The Scriptures, Vol.2, p.985

1988 NO Revelation - Its Grand Climax p.273

2023 YES. - General convention October 2023, broadcasting January 2024



1874 - Harp of God, 1921, p.234

1874 - WT 1/1/24 p.5

1874 - Creation, 1927, p.289

1874 - Prophecy, 1929, p.65

1914 - AWAKE! 4/22/57 pp. 11,12

1914 - From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, 1958, p.170

1914 - God's Kingdom of a Thousand Years..., 1973, pp. 209,210

1914 - You Can Live Forever..., 1982, p.147


The Society said in the Watchtower issue of WT 1/15/93 p.5 "The

Watchtower has consistently presented evidence to honesthearted students of Bible prophecy that Jesus' presence in heavenly Kingdom power began in 1914."


"CONSISTENTLY"? After examining the above quotes, is this true?



a. All anointed Watchtower members - JWS in the Divine Purpose, p.68

b. Brother Russell filled the office of special "servant" - WT 3/1/23 p.6

c. From 1896 to 1916 - Watchtower founder, Charles Taze Russell The Finished Mystery, 1917, p.5

d. Charles Taze Russell - The finished Mystery, 1917, p.53

e. Spiritual Israelites: the 'anointed' Society members - From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, 1958, p.193

f. The Watchtower admits earlier view that Russell was considered "the Servant" Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose, 1959, p.69

g. A "class" of individuals - 1975 Yearbook, p.88

h. "Russell disavowed being the Servant." - God's Kingdom of a Thousand Years..., 1973, pp.345,346

i. The Society asserts that it never published a biography of Pastor Russell - Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose, 1959, p.63

j. But here are the Introductory pages of the Society's Biography of Pastor Russell - The Divine Plan of the Ages, 1927 Ed., p.1

(So, why the cover-up?)

k. Because in this Biography Russell admitted in private that HE was "the Servant" - The Divine Plan of the Ages, 1927 Ed., p.7


Source :


To conclude, it is not wrong to change the doctrine, however it is wrong to claim that the doctrine is the “truth” and to impose it on others and to silence those who oppose it. The Watchtower should rather say that we believe what we say is to be truth though, we could be wrong and you as a member are permitted to think freely and promote what you see fit and we will not silence or condemn you for this. We know that this is to be ideal and will not happen tomorrow….


N.B. : did you notice that the Watchtower always give simple answers to our questions ? The reason is obvious : it's to prevent us from thinking.


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