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PEDOPHILIA: lawsuit against the Watchtower in Canada. Contacts :

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-UK: Demand IICSA request full child sex abuse data from Jehovah's Witnesses in Britain. October 19, 2020.


-France: Cults: Georges Fenech returns to work for Marlène Schiappa. October 11, 2020.


-UK: Daughter of perverted Jehovah's Witness speaks of the impact of his crimes. September 28, 2020.


-UK: NHS trusts’ cosy relationships with Jehovah’s Witness leaders could have tragic consequences. September 24, 2020.


-Belgium: Jehovah's Witnesses will be tried for hate crimes on February 16. September 15, 2020.


-USA : Casper Jehovah’s Witness Ministerial Servant Accused of Sex Abuse. September 8, 2020.


-Argentina: A judge authorized a blood transfusion for a Jehovah's Witness girl. September 3, 2020.


-Netherlands: Netherlands wants to punish silence on sex abuse in closed communities. August 28, 2020.


-Nigeria: Pregnant Jehovah’s Witness Patient Dies Over Alleged Refusal Of Blood Transfusion. August 15, 2020.


-Netherlands: Jehovah’s Witness denies having abused minors: 'I have groped them'. August 13, 2020.


-UK: Former Jehovah's Witness elders call for mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse. August 10, 2020.


-UK : Three women who say they were abused as children in the Jehovah's Witnesses tell their awful stories. August 8, 2020.


-UK: North Staffordshire sex beast finally jailed more than 30 years after Jehovah's Witness elders 'covered up' his crimes. August 8, 2020.


-Netherlands: Jehovah's Witnesses lose appeal over abuse report. August 4, 2020.


-France: Fight against cults: in the municipalities, concern after the putting away of Miviludes. July 29, 2020.


-France: Fight against cults : Miviludes moved quietly. July 17, 2020.


-France: Dissolution of Miviludes: CCMM press release. July 15, 2020.


-Switzerland : Court confirms: Severe criticism of Jehovah's Witnesses is justified. July 8, 2020.


-Australia: Government names institutions that did not sign up to National Redress Scheme for child sexual abuse victims. July 1, 2020.


-Australia : Tax, funding threat for ‘reprehensible’ groups refusing to join child abuse redress scheme. June 29, 2020.


-Australia: The Jehovah’s Witnesses issued a statement advising that they will not be joining the redress scheme. June 21, 2020.


-Brazil : Covid-19: Justice authorizes blood transfusion denied by family for religious reason. June 16, 2020.


-Australia: Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of selling off assets and moving cash to avoid sex abuse compensation. June 14, 2020.


-Canada (Quebec): Sexual abuse: the civil statute of limitations period in the process of being abolished. June 4, 2020.


-Netherlands: Investigation into the abuse case of Heerlen Jehovah's Witness completed. May 27, 2020.


-Brazil : Sexual abuse and domestic violence: ex-Jehovah's Witnesses accuse their church of covering up crimes and protecting predators. May 26, 2020.


-France : The Covid-19 pandemic, a boon for end-of-the-world theorists. May 17, 2020.


-Kazakhstan: Court Gives Victory to Former Jehovah’s Witnesses. Posted May 10, 2020.


-Netherlands: Jehovah's Witnesses Elders cannot invoke the right of non-disclosure in the Assen sexual abuse case. May 8, 2020.


-UK: 'I FEEL FREE' Cancer survivor Ashya King’s mum splits from Jehovah’s Witness husband who thinks coronavirus is ‘plague sent from God’. May 1, 2020.


-USA: Jehovah’s Witnesses Sue FaithLeaks Owners Over Convention Videos. April. 30, 2020.


-USA: Montana sees flurry of child sex abuse lawsuits as deadline approaches. April. 29, 2020.


-France: How I left the Jehovah's Witnesses, and how to help others to get out. April 16, 2020.







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