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-Canada (Quebec): Religious cults: Forgotten children - Interview on TVA on Monday January 18, 2021 at 10:00 am.


-Canada (Quebec): Religious cults: Forgotten children - Season 1. Series available on Club Illico from January 14, 2021.


-USA: Former ministerial servant pleads guilty to sexual abuse. January 5, 2021.


-Russia: The leader of the Novosibirsk Jehovah's Witnesses was sentenced to six years in prison. December 17, 2020.


-Canada: News about the lawsuit in Quebec(Canada) against the Watchtower for child sexual abuse coverup: The plaintiffs have won, Watchtower lost its appeal. The 3 judges took the side of the victims. So the lawsuit can continue. The Watchtower lawyers will most likely appeal to the Supreme Court, but according to the victims’ lawyer, it is 98% sure the appeal will be refused. That would delay the lawsuit for a couple of months. December 11, 2020.


-Canada: A childhood among Jehovah's Witnesses. December 7, 2020.


-Russia: More Jehovah's Witnesses Sentenced In Russia On Extremism Charges. November 30, 2020.


-USA: Crystal Lake man, church elder charged with failing to report sexual abuse of child. November 25, 2020.


-France: "The end times": Jehovah's Witnesses take advantage of Covid-19 to harden their apocalyptic speech.


-Norway : Jehovah's enigmatic court. November 13, 2020.


-UK: Judge rules Jehovah's Witness, 15, must have blood transfusion to save her life. November 10, 2020.


-USA: Utah high court weighs case of woman who says church made her listen to audio of her rape. November 9, 2020.


-USA: Three new lawsuits against Watchtower filed under NY Child Victims Act (CVA). November 1, 2020.


-Argentina: Comodoro: a court ruling authorizes a blood transfusion to a minor. October 31, 2020.


-UK: Woman born into Jehovah's Witnesses says she was raised in a cult. October 25, 2020.


-Australia : National Redress Scheme: Scott Morrison names and shames groups refusing to sign up. October 22, 2020.


-UK: Demand IICSA request full child sex abuse data from Jehovah's Witnesses in Britain. October 19, 2020.


-France: Cults: Georges Fenech returns to work for Marlène Schiappa. October 11, 2020.


-UK: Daughter of perverted Jehovah's Witness speaks of the impact of his crimes. September 28, 2020.


-UK: NHS trusts’ cosy relationships with Jehovah’s Witness leaders could have tragic consequences. September 24, 2020.


-Belgium: Jehovah's Witnesses will be tried for hate crimes on February 16. September 15, 2020.


-USA : Casper Jehovah’s Witness Ministerial Servant Accused of Sex Abuse. September 8, 2020.


-Argentina: A judge authorized a blood transfusion for a Jehovah's Witness girl. September 3, 2020.


-Netherlands: Netherlands wants to punish silence on sex abuse in closed communities. August 28, 2020.


-Nigeria: Pregnant Jehovah’s Witness Patient Dies Over Alleged Refusal Of Blood Transfusion. August 15, 2020.


-Netherlands: Jehovah’s Witness denies having abused minors: 'I have groped them'. August 13, 2020.


-UK: Former Jehovah's Witness elders call for mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse. August 10, 2020.


-UK : Three women who say they were abused as children in the Jehovah's Witnesses tell their awful stories. August 8, 2020.


-UK: North Staffordshire sex beast finally jailed more than 30 years after Jehovah's Witness elders 'covered up' his crimes. August 8, 2020.


-Netherlands: Jehovah's Witnesses lose appeal over abuse report. August 4, 2020.


-France: Fight against cults: in the municipalities, concern after the putting away of Miviludes. July 29, 2020.


-France: Fight against cults : Miviludes moved quietly. July 17, 2020.


-France: Dissolution of Miviludes: CCMM press release. July 15, 2020.


-Switzerland : Court confirms: Severe criticism of Jehovah's Witnesses is justified. July 8, 2020.


-Australia: Government names institutions that did not sign up to National Redress Scheme for child sexual abuse victims. July 1, 2020.


-Australia : Tax, funding threat for ‘reprehensible’ groups refusing to join child abuse redress scheme. June 29, 2020.


-Australia: The Jehovah’s Witnesses issued a statement advising that they will not be joining the redress scheme. June 21, 2020.


-Brazil : Covid-19: Justice authorizes blood transfusion denied by family for religious reason. June 16, 2020.


-Australia: Jehovah’s Witnesses accused of selling off assets and moving cash to avoid sex abuse compensation. June 14, 2020.


-Canada (Quebec): Sexual abuse: the civil statute of limitations period in the process of being abolished. June 4, 2020.


-Netherlands: Investigation into the abuse case of Heerlen Jehovah's Witness completed. May 27, 2020.


-Brazil : Sexual abuse and domestic violence: ex-Jehovah's Witnesses accuse their church of covering up crimes and protecting predators. May 26, 2020.


-France : The Covid-19 pandemic, a boon for end-of-the-world theorists. May 17, 2020.


-Kazakhstan: Court Gives Victory to Former Jehovah’s Witnesses. Posted May 10, 2020.


-Netherlands: Jehovah's Witnesses Elders cannot invoke the right of non-disclosure in the Assen sexual abuse case. May 8, 2020.


-UK: 'I FEEL FREE' Cancer survivor Ashya King’s mum splits from Jehovah’s Witness husband who thinks coronavirus is ‘plague sent from God’. May 1, 2020.


-USA: Jehovah’s Witnesses Sue FaithLeaks Owners Over Convention Videos. April. 30, 2020.


-USA: Montana sees flurry of child sex abuse lawsuits as deadline approaches. April. 29, 2020.


-France: How I left the Jehovah's Witnesses, and how to help others to get out. April 16, 2020.







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